Security Services

Active protection Services goal is to provide a level of security services that exceeds its client’s expectations. Active protection Services Assurance Programme is designed to ensure the highest level of delivery base client satisfaction.

Well-chosen & trained security officers, staff and personnel are Active protection Services most valuable asset. Active protection Services is committed to hiring high calibre officers & staff who are professional, intelligent and dedicated. All personnel are carefully selected & recruited meeting all quality assurance measures, ensuring that Active protection Services officers and personnel are the industries best.

  • Main Entrance

    To exercise control on the top movement and visitors vehicles and staff members.

  • Static Posts

    Keep the allowed area under observation and report the untoward happenings. Guard particular zones, locations and spots.

  • Store Guarding

    Secure allotted premises of valuable stores, godowns and dump of material and machine. Ensure proper records in our materials.

  • Office Security

    To guard against pilferage of important documents and frisking them and arrange proper guidance.

Surveillance & Detective Services

Highly trained individuals for shadowing and surveillance on suspects.

To scan a given area for un-authorised entries and to nab a culprit intending to cause any harm to men and material.

Bank Security Services

Security Personnel / Guards are to protect, observe, guard bank premises / ATMs, and ensure safe cash movement and record information if proper security procedures.

Security guards' main objective is to make sure the property, equipment and assets of the bank are neither damaged nor destroyed.

They also make sure that no harm or danger befalls anyone on the premises. They have been trained to keep close watch on the movement of customers, vendors & trespassers.

They have been also trained to handle the Emergencies situations during Fire, Natural disaster, Mob control, Theft and burglary etc.

Facility Management

  • Oil, Power Gas and engineering:
  • All types of Helpers / Workers / Labors and other ITI passed junior technicians etc. Security Guards / Officers: We have our own training center for security training also we can provide Ex-Serviceman who have excellent knowledge and experience in security jobs.

  • Unskilled Labors:
  • All types of Labors and helpers for cleaning, maintenance, manufacturing or construction companies.

    We have been supplying human resources for various categories from unskilled manual labour to highly skilled technicians, professionals and managerial fields for esteemed organization and many more who has found our recruitment services trustworthy and credible for their human resources needs. 

House Keeping Services

Hospitality Industries:

Waiters/ Waitress, Cooks, Housekeepers, Helpers and Cleaners. Construction / Engineering: Labors, Masons, Helpers, Plumber, Welders, Electrician, Civil Engineers / Supervisors etc. Sales and Marketing / Finance / Banking: Salesmen, Accounts, and Cashiers etc.

Event Management Services

Behind every successful event is one fundamental element: outstanding management.Our team of professionals at Active have several years of combined experience producing everything from world-class sporting events to fitness and non-traditional running events.

Whether you’re planning a major civic festival or staging a road race, we can help at every step, from budgeting, logistics, planning and permits to marketing, transportation, management and teardown. Our fresh eyes and fresh ideas will bring you fresh results.

Fire Fighting

We are proud to introduce our self as Active Protection Services Pvt. Ltd. An ISO 9001-2008 certified company, A leading name in providing Security services, Fire Equipment’s and Manpower supply since 16 years. For supplying & Refilling of Fire Extinguishers in pan India, Fire extinguishers are fire protection devices used, in an emergency, to control of extinguish small fires. A small fire, if not checked immediately, will soon spread out of control. In fact, most big fires start out as small ones. It is important, therefore, that you equip your workplace with the proper fire extinguishers as part of your fire protection plan. It’s also the law.

  • Extinguishers must be properly maintained to ensure that they will work when needed, and that they are safe to use. A carbon dioxide extinguisher, for example, can build up a high static charge if it is used when there is a breakdown of the insulation around the discharge horn. This can cause electric shock. Adequate maintenance of extinguishers consists of regular inspections, recharging as needed, and a complete annual checkup and servicing. Records must be kept of all maintenance work carried out, including inspections. Testing and servicing is usually carried out by a service agency. If employees in your company look after testing and servicing, they must be trained and fully qualified to do so.

  • Fire extinguishers must be inspected at least once a month and more often where needed. Inspections are visual checks to determine that:

    -The extinguisher is well supported:
    • Hangers are fastened solidly
    -It is accessible:
    • Can be easily reached
    • Location signs are clear
    • Class markings are clear
    • Operating instructions are clear
    -It is in working condition:
    • Discharge opening is clear
    • Is fully charged
    • Has not been tampered with
    • Is not damaged
    • Hydrostatic testing has been done
    -The ring pin is in place -The seal is intact
  • Servicing-
  • Completely examine each extinguisher at least once a year, and whenever your monthly inspections indicate that this may be needed. Replace defective parts and extinguishers, recharge extinguisher as needed, and ensure that hydrostatic tests are carried out according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Set up a maintenance schedule for extinguishers so that they are not all out of service at the same time.

  • Record Keeping-
we provide these services all over India through our well trained filed force, technicians, Extinguisher auditors and trainers, if you have any similar requirement for your company, we welcome you to experience our dedicated service in this field which we does it very professionally to fulfill our clients requirement .

Management Information Services

We provides affordable background checks for your small or large business.Hiring a new employee is an expensive proposition. MIS background checks provide assurance that your new employee will help your company reach its goals in the most productive way possible.



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