We have a highly trained and experienced workforce capable of handling tough and challenging assignments and deliver efficient results consistently. Our team is trained and equipped to handle a wide variety of complex operations with dexterity. Our services in this area include:
  • Breakdown Maintenance
  • Co-ordination with AMC holder
  • Preventive / Predictive Maintenance
  • 24/7 Support from our technical team
  • Operations and maintenance of all installations
  • Stringent implementation of Environment, Health and Safety Policy

We is equipped to handle the entire range of electromechanical services. We have the capability and resources for providing multi-site services that are cost effective and handled skillfully by highly qualified professionals.

Our service professionals are highly competent to handle specific tasks. Regular training is provided to ensure that our team members remain current with the latest standards and technologies available in the industry. We provide customized solutions to enhance outcomes. Our facility management services also include specialized support for industry-specific tasks as well as those common and routine maintenance tasks that one encounters on a daily basis in almost all types of firms.

Supervision is the key to our continue success. Once a project is completed, we run double checks to make sure the task is completed in a professional manner and to the complete satisfaction of our clients.

We have a robust and interactive training program conducted by qualified professionals to keep our team apprised of the best industry practices in electromechanical services.