Housekeeping Services

We endeavour & achieve Global standards through use of well trained staff equipped with latest machines applying WHO approved chemicals. Our specialization in carpet shampooing, floor crystallization and marble/ granite polishing provide whole some solution to total floor care resulting in long life and visible floor glass. Our experts in Housekeeping ensure longevity of your assets through immaculate floor care.

Traditional models of housekeeping management programs are being challenged. At one time, it was often the case that administrators were compelled by their training to directly oversee all areas of the program. Energies were exhausted on non-strategic facets exposing mission-critical operations, resulting in less than desired results. Today’s management and administrative teams are being challenged by quality standards and economic conditions to redefine their approach.

The operations of the house keeping services to conform to norms by inputting high quality trained staff, combined with standard cleaning materials and equipment’s.

House keeping Activities
    • Elimination of Dust & Dust – mites.
    • Sanitization of Sinks, Bathroom, Floors & Toilets.
    • Treatment of Laminations with Conditioners.
    • Degreasing of Oven, Kitchen Appliances, and Range & Cook top.
    • Usage of International Disinfectants & Eco – Friendly Chemicals.
    • Move in – Move out services.
    • No Shrinkage.
    • On Premise Treatment.
    • Low Moisture Treatment.
    • Postpones the resoling.
    • Longer Age.
    • High Gloss Finish.
    • Toughens the Floor.
    • Longer Shine Sustenance.
    • Sealants to Cover up the Pores.
    • One Stop Shop for all Stone Care Needs.
    • Enhances the Softness.
    • Postpones Cracking & Fading.
    • Spillages Beads up.
    • Shields form Dirt, Dust & Soil.
    • No Permanent Stains.